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The Future of Gas Safety is Here!

Specifically designed for the Weber Baby Q, the Weber Flame IQ is a flame safeguard system. It's a type of flame safeguard device, with added features and benefits.


Weber Flame IQ


A flame safeguard device is designed to stop the flow of gas to an appliance in the case that the gas flame goes out – for example, if the flame is blown out in windy conditions.

It offers convenience and peace of mind. With its built-in reignition functionality, your food will still be cooked to perfection if the flame is blown out and can be successfully reignited. The Flame iQ flame safeguard system has the added functionality of continuously sensing for a flame. It will attempt to reignite the burner in the event of a ‘flame out’ (up to 3 attempts), before shutting off the gas and going into a lockout mode. If the burner reignites, the Flame iQ will reset for another 3 attempts.

Weber Flame IQ 

The Flame iQ requires a power source (either 12 V or 240 V) to power the built-in electronics. The electronics power the lights on the control panel, the electronic solenoid to open and close off the gas supply, and the reignition sequence functionality. 


If you are connecting your Weber Baby Q with Flame iQ fitted to the plumbed LP connection of a caravan of boat, or to any other LP plumbed gas supply, you'll need to purchase a bayonet hose. If you are using your Weber Baby Q with Flame iQ fitted to an LP gas cylinder, you can use the hose supplied with the barbecue.

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The Outdoor Concepts Team

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