Tradewinds patio umbrellas have become the world-wide industry standard for high specification hardwood parasols. Refined over a period of 17 years, Tradewinds Classic parasol umbrellas are made from high specification materials that are suitable for use in extreme climatic conditions. High quality materials and workmanship ensure that Tradewinds parasols are the no 1 choice for corporate, private & promotional buyers. 
Tradewinds is a brand name synonymous with good styling, consistency and reliability. Umbrellas are primarily sourced from Tradewinds Parasol in Cape Town, South Africa.  In addition to the traditional wooden sun umbrella, the range has developed to include Stainless Steel and aluminium products. 
Available in a huge range of colours and construction materials Tradewinds offers the best value of any high quality parasol on the market today!
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TRADEWINDS PATIO UMBRELLAS Auckland and Queenstown New Zealand