Designed in response to a demand for professional kitchen appliances in homes, DCS grills have pioneered a new category in high performance outdoor cooking. These products are not BBQs, they are Grills, defined as such by much higher burner power and ability to quickly reach intense searing temperatures which fall far out of the realm of ordinary BBQs. Building on a heritage of commercial-quality appliances, the DCS Grill Range is unparalleled in what it is able to deliver. The concept behind the range was for a complete professional outdoor kitchen — the heart of which is the Grill. DCS Grills are built to deliver the functionality demanded by any professional chef — performance, simplicity and durability. 
For fully built-in integration within an architecturally designed outdoor kitchen space, the DCS range takes performance to a new level. The range consists of three Grill head units: a 36" All Grill; a 36" Grill with two Side Burners (on 48" base) and the largest of all 48" All Grill. Each head unit is fitted as standard with heavy duty rotisserie, including high torque weather proof motor, roller bearing cradles, dedicated high power infrared burner, 25kg capacity rod and adjustable forks. Designed in Huntington Beach, California, Dynamic Cooking Systems (DCS) grills are constructed to withstand the demands of professional chefs and the extremes of mother nature.
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DCS by Fisher and Paykel