Boos Cutting Blocks

We're excited to announce we have a range of new cutting boards from John Boos Blocks. Each John Boos Butcher Block and Cutting Board is proudly made in Effingham, Illinois by skilled craftspeople using time honoured techniques since 1888. 

The Boos cutting boards are made from sustainably sourced, hand-selected Northern Hard Rock Maple Wood and American Black Walnut Wood. Both widely recognised as one of the finest food preparation surfaces in the world. The durable cutting boards feature edge grain construction and are designed to meet the durability of culinary professionals.


The new Walnut Au Jus Cutting Board Series features a sloped juice groove that prevents liquids from spilling onto your countertops while allowing you to collect the cooked juices for a delicious Au Jus broth. The cutting board is 1-1/2” thick and is reversible with a flat surface for any other food preparation needs. The cutting boards include handcrafted finger grips on the side of the cutting board.


Boos Block Au Jus Boos Blocks

John Boos & Co. demonstrates use of abundant sustainable renewing timbers in their product as practiced by NHLA Members. Their hardwood foresters follow professional best practices that mirror natural forces. Individual trees are selected for harvest, encouraging forests to renew and regenerate themselves naturally and prolifically. In addition to this, they have active recycling programs in place with 95% of all raw materials, scrap, and even their sawdust being recycled as fuel to heat their kilns. The sawdust is as well recycled as livestock bedding for their local agricultural needs.


How to care for your Boos Block: hand wash and dry. Apply John Boos Mystery Oil regularly (more often in dry climates, and when the board is brand new), use John Boos Board Cream to seal the wood surface after applying Mystery Oil.


Happy Chopping! View the full collection of Boos Blocks or scroll down to the products below.


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