Oklahoma Joe's started in 1987 when Joe Davidson designed and manufactured 12 meat smokers to sell at the Oklahoma State Fair. Not only did he sell all 12 of those, but he also managed to get orders for over a hundred more. He used this money to build his business and become the legend he is today.
Made from 12-gauge black oil pipe, Oklahoma Joe's smokers are all about Texas-style barbecue. In fact, they're modeled after the ones used by roughnecks in Southern oil fields. Durable and heavy-duty, these smokers are built tough — and built to last. 
In 1994, Joe and his team outgrew their original factory and built a brand new facility in Stillwater, Oklahoma. With this new plant, they were able to expand to over 150 employees and produce 100,000 units a year. Meanwhile, Joe was winning barbecue competitions all around the U.S. He's won over 300 competitions including Jack Daniel's World Championship, the American Royal World Championship and the Memphis in May World BBQ Championship just to name a few. 
Char-Broil bought Oklahoma Joe's from Joe Davidson in 1998. Together, they've since helped pitmasters everywhere hone their craft and develop their own special barbecue flavors.
So whatever reason drives you into the pit, we've got a smoker for you. It's time to make barbecue all your own, with Oklahoma Joe's.