New in: MEATER® 2 Plus

We're excited to announce another product drop from one of our favourite brands Meater: MEATER® 2 PlusCooking has always been an art, and precision is the key to mastering it. Enter the Meater® 2 Plus, a tool that transforms your culinary endeavours. Beyond merely ensuring your meat is safe to eat, the benefits of using a meat thermometer extend to elevating the taste and texture of your dishes. 


MEATER® 2 Plus


Temperature Range

  • The thermometer boasts an impressive range of 50m, providing flexibility and freedom during cooking.

Wireless Connectivity

  • Utilising Bluetooth 5 Coded PHY Long Range technology, the MEATER 2 Plus ensures a seamless connection between the thermometer and your device, allowing you to monitor temperatures with ease from a long distance. Fast Charging - 5 minutes charge for a 2 hour cook. 24+ hours cooking in 30 minutes charge!

MEATER® 2 Plus

Dual Temperature Sensors

  • The MEATER 2 Plus features dual temperature sensors, allowing you to monitor both internal meat temperature and ambient temperature simultaneously. This innovation enhances precision in cooking, ensuring optimal results every time. Direct Heat Grill up to 550°C. Now you can leave the probe in the meat over an open flame while cooking and searing.


  • Crafted from stainless steel, the probe is water-resistant and easy to clean, guaranteeing durability and hygiene. Deep fry and sous vide cook, then clean it in the dishwasher.

MEATER® 2 Plus


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The Outdoor Concepts Team


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