SOUNDBOKS has added a new member to the family: SOUNDBOKS GO. This groundbreaking brand is passionate about performance as well as portability so it only made sense to launch this new size speaker that can accompany you even when you're heading to your destination by bike. 

soundboks go  bluetooth speaker soundboks go bluetooth speaker


This speaker is full of surprises, full of potential and fully capable of doing all the stuff that makes a SOUNDBOKS a SOUNDBOKS. Link with other SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3) speakers with Team Up for an immersive wireless music experience.

They've created SOUNDBOKS app for speaker performance upgrades, custom EQ and sound profiles, expanded TeamUp controls and DIREKT—their exclusive music streaming platform available on iOS. You can even protect your speaker with anti-theft and Bluetooth signal locks through this app.

Being able to take this speaker wherever you please, means it has to be durable and sturdy. The SOUNDBOKS GO is dentproof, splashproof + lightweight with reinforced unibody cabinet. Enjoy carefree listening whether it's by a pool, at a campground or on a snowy mountain. 

Soundboks GO Soundboks GO

SOUNDBOKS is the only bluetooth speaker brand that has designed their speakers to work with swappable batteries. Experienced users always have an extra on hand to swap in a snap and keep the music going. 40 hours of playback at mid-volume, 5-10 hours at full volume depending on model.


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