In 1996, George Samaras founded and established Primo Ceramic Grills. Samaras chose the name, "Primo" because it means "the best" in Italian. His first manufacturing facility was a 700 sq. ft. space he rented. Due to the limited space he could only make two grills at a time and he had to drive across town to a kiln to have them fired.

As his business began to pick up, George continued to strive towards the best possible ceramic grill on the market, while maintaining manufacturing in the United States. George's love for improvement and innovation led him to discover that an oval-shaped grill offered greater cooking versatility and efficiency than a round-shaped grill. The introduction of the patented oval-shaped grill in 2002 established Primo as a major manufacturer in the ceramic grill market.

Primo Oval XL Stand Alone (Built In)  Primo Oval L All-In-One

Primo Oval XL Stand Alone (Built In) $3,099

Primo Oval L All-In-One $3,399



Most BBQs advertise that they can cook in a variety of styles but few deliver as promised. The greatest thing about the Primo is that it does not only deliver but it excels. From Grilling the perfect steak over 400c direct flame to slowing it down a bit and Smoking mouth-watering American BBQ below 110c. Real Wood – Real Flame – Real Smoke = Real Results

Patented Oval

Primo’s patented oval design offers huge cooking advantages over other ceramic grills. It delivers the highest level of cooking versatility and performance. The 2 zone cooking allows you to cook indirect and directly over the charcoal at the same time. The oval grill delivers better results by delivering you more control.


Primo Charcoal is 100% American Oak and Hickory wood delivering better taste and balanced flavours. Primo owners can also increase smokiness by adding wood-chunks such as apple, cherry or hickory.

Peace of Mind

Purchase your Primo Grill with true peace of mind knowing Primo is the only ceramic grill that is made in America and includes a 20 year warranty on all ceramic parts. 

Easy As

Lighting your Primo Grill is simply striking a quick light and it’s ready to use in 10-12 minutes. Primo grills are also self-cleaning.


Primo Grills has designed a wide variety of accessories to make your grill even more versatile. Think griddles, grates, heat deflectors and of course custom covers to protect your Primo from the elements. Check out some of our most popular accessories below.


Primo Porcelain Glazed Baking/ Pizza Stone
Primo Ceramic Heat Deflector Kamado
Primo Firebox Divider XL400
Primo Porcelain Glazed Baking/ Pizza Stone $99.95  Primo Ceramic Heat Deflector Kamado $179  Primo Firebox Divider XL400 $179


Primo Pulled Pork Recipe (Boston Butt)

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