Which Outdoor Heater is Best for You?

Looking for a way to spend some more time outside and stay comfortable while the season is changing? We understand it can be hard to figure out which outdoor heater is best for your garden or patio so we've done our best explaining the difference between gas and electric outdoor heaters, and lined up our favourites too!

Electric Outdoor Heaters

If you want the greenest option, we recommend choosing an electric outdoor heater. Electric heaters have a lower carbon footprint than gas heaters and are cheaper to run too.

At outdoor concepts, we prefer outdoor heaters that heat up the objects in your garden as opposed to convection heaters that circulate warm air to heat up the surrounding area. This warm air can be easily blown away in windy or drafty conditions. Using an electric heater, the heat is absorbed by solid objects, making it really easy and quick to warm up your hang out area.

They come in all size and shapes, and can be mounted on a wall or stand free in any spot you like, as long as you have access to a power point. Some of our electric outdoor heaters can also be used indoors.

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Infratech Outdoor Heaters NZ
Caloray Disc Outdoor Heaters NZ

Gas Outdoor Heaters

The gas heaters we proudly stock at Outdoor Concepts are easy to light and have a highly efficient infra-red gas burner which again, heats objects and not empty spaces, since warm air will simply blow away. 

Using a single 9kg bottle will give you 40 hours of burn time, making it four times more efficient than conventional gas heaters. These are the only eco-friendly responsible gas heating options, greatly contributing to a reduction in the carbon footprint.

One of the most important reasons you might choose a gas outdoor heater is the flexibility that comes with it. They are portable, maneuverable and easy to place in any spot you like. Since they're cleanburning without harmful emissions, they too can be used indoors and under cover.

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Still Have Questions?

If you’re still wondering what outdoor space heater is best for you, give our knowledgeable sales team a call today at 0800 266 206. You can also connect with us via the Outdoor Concepts Facebook page.


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