A bluetooth performance speaker, is how the guys from Soundboks would describe their portable high quality speaker. 

The New SOUNDBOKS breaks through the noise. With an advanced amplifier system,groundbreaking Pulse Reflex port and huge frequency range, it’s designed to sound amazing in any environment. It connects in seconds to Bluetooth, SKAA, XLR, 1⁄4” and 1⁄8” signals, and the battery lasts 40 hours at mid-volume. At full volume, it’s an incredible 126 dB of amazing, clear, real sound.

With the all new TeamUP mode, it can wirelessly daisy chain up to 5 nearby SOUNDBOKS speakers to create a world of music like you’ve never experienced. There’s a lot of noise in the audio world. It’s time to listen to The New SOUNDBOKS.

SOUNDBOKS features

Combining the portability, ease and user-friendliness of bluetooth speakers with the power of PA systems, The New SOUNDBOKS delivers on every extreme. A SOUNDBOKS is able to perform to the fullest whenever loud music can elevate an experience, in seconds, without ever having to worry.

The New SOUNDBOKS breaks through the limitations of traditional speakers to take your music and your listening experience to their full potential. Clarity you can hear and bass you can feel. Insanely durable and made to move with you.





The New Soundboks _ Portable Bluetooth Speaker




The New Soundboks _ Portable Bluetooth Speaker



The New Soundboks _ Portable Bluetooth Speaker


Whatever your definition of performance is, The New SOUNDBOKS simply cannot be beat. Take it on the slopes, to the beach, on a boat or to Mt. Kilimanjaro (we have). Play your music outside the typical clubs, venues and conventions. Break through the barriers of sound and experience music like never before. This is what a performance speaker sounds like.


The New Soundboks _ Portable Bluetooth Speaker


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The Outdoor Concepts Team

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