You may have seen the new range of Heatstrip Heaters on our website already, if not check out our previous blog or head straight to the collection of Heatstrip Heaters.

One of our favourite options is the Heatstrip Intense Portable Infrared Radiant Electric Heater. And while the name says it all, we'd like to dive a bit deeper into the features and why this portable heater could be the perfect option for your indoor or outdoor space.

This new HEATSTRIP® electric heater is the classy and redefined solution for when portable, easy DIY electric heating is required. Incorporating a sleek and robust stand with a 2200W HEATSTRIP® Intense heater, it is ideal for spot heating of tables, lounges, entertaining areas and workstations, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Heatstrip electric portable heater  heatstrip portable electric infrared heater

This robust design is made of black anodised alloy casing & end caps, with a powder coated grille in a modern hexagon design and the stand is made of Black Powder coated mild steel (IPX5 Rated). The stand features built-in wheels for easy portability and storage, just bring the heat with you!

It reaches just over 2 meters high and spans just over 1 meter wide. It comes with a fully concealed power cable and the components are sub-assembled for easy final DIY installation. 

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The Outdoor Concepts Team

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