The new Ooni Fyra Pizza Oven has just arrived in store and we are quite excited about it*. It's the new and improved version of the Ooni 3 Portable Pizza Oven in both looks and performance. Let's have a closer look at the features!

At $549, it's the most affordable pizza oven from the range, and its improved shell, made of durable, insulated, powder-coated carbon steel, ensures optimal heat retention. Weighing just 10 kilos, the Ooni Fyra is easy to move around in your garden or on your balcony, and like the portable Ooni 3, it's just the right size to bring camping or take to the beach. This compact oven will deliver 12" pizzas, making it the perfect host for your next pizza party.

Ooni Fyra Pizza Oven
OONI FYRA $549  


Getting the Fyra ready to go is easy and quick, load it up with pellets and it will heat up to 500c within 15 minutes. We love using pellets, because they're lightweight, it's easy to top them up, ensuring the temperature stays consistent. The pellets light up easily, burn cleanly and leave minimal ash behind. Ooni burns so hot you don’t need to clean it, super efficient! And last but not least, you're guaranteed of an authentic wood fired flavour.

This clever design is made with foldable legs and detachable chimney, pellet burner, hopper and flame keeper. All to make sure it fits perfectly in its custom cover, keeping it clean and protected while not in use.


 Want to see it in action? Check the video below:

Hungry for authentic Italian pizzas? Shop the Ooni Fyra now!

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