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One of our favourite brands Ooni (formerly known as Uuni) has just released a new product and to say we're excited is an understatement. The Ooni Koda is a gas powered pizza oven, and since there is no need for a chimney (unlike the Ooni 3 and Ooni Pro), Ooni really took the opportunity here to make the design as slick as possible. Even though we really love the traditional stone pizza ovens, having a little space ship as a backyard pizza oven is all we want right now!

Ooni Koda Gas Pizza Oven | Ooni NZ | Uuni NZ | Outdoor Concepts NZ

This is probably the easiest pizza oven to set up, unbox it, fold out the tripod legs and hook up your gas tank and all there's left to do is slide in the pizza stone and get your dough ready! Once you've ignited the flame, the oven can reach 500°C in just 15 minutes, so make sure you've done some preparation beforehand, so you can get straight into cooking your Neapolitan-style pizza.

As expected with any Ooni pizza oven, you don't have to wait longer than 60 seconds took cook your pizza, so chances of hungry kids running around your backyard are very small. We recommend practicing a bit before your first pizza party but once you get the hang of it, get creative and start experimenting with some not so traditional pizza ideas too. 

Ooni Pizza Oven | Ooni Koda Gas Pizza Oven | Pizza Oven NZ | Uuni NZ

The Ooni Koda's flame is adjustable with a dial, making this not only your go to oven for pizzas but also for veggie side dishes, roast fish, seared steak and even dessert. Ooni's cast iron pans are perfect to cook up a full meal in your oven, and to get an idea of the possibilities, just have a look at Ooni's recipes blog.

Ooni Cast Iron Pan | Outdoor Concepts NZ

Since this gas pizza oven only weighs 9.25kgs it can easily be moved to the beach, the park or someone else's backyard! To make this even easier, Ooni has designed a carry bag and oven cover in 1. Featuring durable straps with a cushioned carry handle, cast aluminium harness buckles, and a loop for securing your gas regulator when on the move.

Ready for that pizza party? We are!


The Outdoor Concepts Team.

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