How is Infrared Heating different from other heat?


Infrared heat, the type used in Infratech heaters, is different from the heat in your house.

Furnace heat, the type used to warm your home in winter, is different from Infrared heat. it’s generally moderated by adjusting a thermostat to a specific temperature, and works by heating the existing air circulating throughout your household.

Outdoor Infrared heaters differ by transferring heat directly to objects. This means, the placement of your infrared heaters is determined by the outdoor space you want warmed up. 

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “How to Infrared Heaters work?”, think of them like the Sun, they give off infrared rays that heat the air as they pass through it. Infrared rays are absorbed by solid objects, literally warming you from the inside out.


How much heat do Infrared heaters give?

One of the most obvious questions asked when researching outdoor heaters is how much their energy output is. A natural starting point, however what many don’t realise is that the type and amount of space you have determines how much output you need. New Zealand homes and businesses have bespoke needs, we recommend asking one of our specialists for more information on what’s best for you. Outdoor Concepts offer a range of Infrared heaters between xx Kw and xx Kw. Get in touch for more info on how we can help you today.

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How to maximise the effectiveness of infrared heaters in New Zealand.

Kiwi winter’s, autumn’s and spring’s often deliver chilly breezes that are felt through to the core. When times are usually too bitter to enjoy, infrared heaters allow porches and other backyard spaces to remain comfortable.

To get the most out of your infrared heating system, aim your infrared heaters directly at seating areas and set your temperature to maximum output. Infratech heaters are very directional and will warm anything in their path. After your furniture itself is heated, adjust the temperature of your heating units to a comfortable level. This is a great example of an outdoor heater best practice, as it uses the benefit of having highly adjustable controls to your advantage.


How much does installation cost?

Installing Infrared, specifically Infratech heaters, is a straight forward process most electricians can carry out. The average a cost is between $xxx and $xxx depending on location and availability. Outdoor Concepts provide specialists installation services. Get in touch for a free consultation today. Outdoor Concepts - New Zealand’s exclusive supplier of Infratech heaters.

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