5 Reasons Every NZ Business Needs Infratech Heating

Why choose Infratech Heating for your business?  All businesses, particularly entertainment establishments, are always looking for something new and fresh to give them an edge.
Infratech Heaters provide you with a silent weapon to create many opportunities to increase patronage, revenue and ambience.

infratech heaters auckland

1. Improve comfort 

It's Auckland, in Winter, and it's less than 10 degrees.  Next to food, comfort is at the forefront of any customers mind when deciding where to dine. Infratech heaters aren't just aesthetically pleasing, they transmit a radiant heat that can be felt through to the core.  You can accurately see your business increase patronage pre and post installing.

2. Increase revenue

Businesses need a point of difference to attract new customers and retain regulars.  This often includes introducing new dicey strategies, having to market them and measure their success.  Who has the time to properly research, activate and monitor this? The other prohibitive aspect is the cost involved.  Say you invest in a great new chef or band or DJ?  What if doesn't work out? There's so much guesswork with promoting your business.  Installing Infratech heating is a smart, quantifiable, quick and easy solution to increase your bottom line.  Warmth and ambience are something people crave in the colder months and will often default to a venue they KNOW will be warm.

3. Create new marketing opportunities

Again, how do we promote our business?  What idea do we come up with next?  Announcing that you are installing Infratech heating is easy.  Make is a banner on your website, announce it on your FB page and paint it on your venues windows or billboards.  People will come to see how it feels and what a difference it makes.  Once you get them in the door, they won’t want to leave. 

4. Complement renovations

If you are about to start a renovation and you have an outdoor area, now is the time to consult your Infratech expert.  Infratech can customise and design a heating solution to maximise your space and minimise your cost.  This is not an opportunity you want to miss, so make it a priority in the renovation budget.

5. Give people a reason to come to you

If people are braving the cold, they need a really good reason to come to you, so give them one.  Maximise all the space in your venue, as empty spaces are lost opportunities.  If you have a beer garden, make sure people can use it in Winter, if you have a cold brick establishment, make it warm enough to give the space a welcoming feel.  If you can create new clientele in Winter, your place may also become their local in Summer, Win Win!

 infratech heaters auckland

Come and experience Infratech Heating today at our Auckland or Queenstown showrooms.


Yours sincerely,

The Outdoor Concepts Team

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