Our Favourite Fire Starters

If you're committing to an 8 hour slow cook, the last thing you want is waiting ages for your charcoal to heat up. A fire starter is a convenient way to get this sorted quickly. They come in all shapes, sizes and functionalities, so we're taking the opportunity to shine a light on the different options available.

Looftlighter Charcoal Starter

Our top favourite and most environmentally friendly options, the Looftlighter. A simple but extremely effective invention from Sweden, that has changed the BBQ-game for many. Using hot air (600C!), it's able to ignite charcoal, briquettes, wood, hardwood, pellets, heat beads in seconds. To read the full story and how to use this fire starter, check out our blog on the Looftlighter.

Fun fact: it has a bottle opener as well.

 Looftlighter Charcoal Starter $139


Weber Rapid Fire Chimney Starter

The perfect way to heat up your charcoal or briquettes. The cone shaped bottom ensures heat is quickly and evenly distributed once placed over a fire lighter cube or a crumpled newspaper. The durable aluminised canister holds enough to fill your Weber Kettle. Once hot, just grab its handle (using gloves) with one hand and its top wire handle with the other, to direct fuel onto your fuel grate. 

Weber Rapid Fire Chimney Starter $59.95



Ezi Lite Natural Fire Starters

These New Zealand made fire starters are the perfect choice to light any charcoal when cooking. Made only from natural saw dust and paraffin wax, they are long burning, non toxic and odourless, meaning it won’t taint food flavour like other fire lighters. 1 pack contains 36 break-off starters, making this the most convenient one to take on a camping trip.

 Ezi Lite Natural Fire Starters

 Ezi Lite Natural Fire Starters $8



Cajun Dragon Mini & Deluxe

Whether you are getting the grill ready or want to enjoy an evening at your fire pit, this propane fire starter will make your life a lot easier. Just hook it up to a propane gas canister and you’re ready to go. You can even cook directly on the fire, or use it to burn weeds. The Cajun Dragon "Mini" will do everything the "Deluxe" will do and is completely portable.


Cajun Dragon Mini


Cajun Dragon Deluxe

Cajun Dragon Mini $149

Cajun Dragon Deluxe $169


See below how the Cajun Dragon works.


Ready to start a fire? Browse our fuels collection with charcoal, pellets, briquettes and more.


The Outdoor Concepts Team

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