10 Essential Fireplace Accessories

Thinking about getting a fireplace, or already have one? There are some fun add- ons available, making your fire experience go from a quick warm-up to an evening filling session, with a great ambience and mindblowing food. Below we have listed 10 essential fireplace accessories to get the most out of your fireplace. Make sure to read our blog on the best portable fire pits too!

Morso Fire Toolset $259

This toolset contains three tools: a brush, shovel and poker. All with soft rubber handles that sit proudly on a cast iron base. The Conform is simplistic in design but stylish in appearance and will have you instantly ready for your first fire session.

Morso fire toolset


Ofyr Gloves $109
Want to get a bit closer to the fire? Protect your hands with these heat resistant gloves from Ofyr. Made from a heavy-duty suede, these gloves protect you up to 480˚C when moving your firepit or handling hot utensils

Ofyr Gloves



Ofyr Butchers Block $1595
If you're planning on making some delicious food on your outdoor fire too, this wood storage box with butcher's block could be exactly what you're looking for. Strong and characteristic corten steel will hold your logs and a solid wood chopping board makes food preparation outside a dream. It even comes with a handy accessories tray.

Ofyr storage block

Ofyr Wood Bag $29

A more casual and portable option is Ofyr wood bag. 2 of these filled, will suffice for a night of cooking on your fire pit. Made of natural jute with an inner lining of plastic for extra durability. 

Ofyr wood bag


Morso Fire Tongs $99

Some of us just can't stop playing with the fire. Luckily, sometimes it's necessary. You need to move the firewood to get the fire going, or the embers need to be arranged to evenly heat the grill, but it's easy to get burnt if the poker's too short. The length of these Morso Tongs is just right to make it easy to move firewood round in the stove.

Morso Fire Tongs


Ofyr Oil Can $55

The OFYR Oil Can has been designed to hold enough oil to pour both onto your cooking surface to lubricate it, and also onto your food to aid with cooking. Made from durable and robust stainless steel, this is your must-have accessory for cooking outside

Ofyr Oil Can

Kadai Skewer Set $160

While you've lit up the fire, you might as well get cooking. One of our favourite accessories to use for this is the skewer set from Kadai. These handmade skewers rest on a specially designed rack to prevent food from sticking on the grills. Try out the Indian spiced lamb skewers from our favourite BBQ recipes blog!

kadai skewer set

Ofyr Brazillian Grill Set $399

The perfect addition to your OFYR classic 100-100. Slow-cook your meat directly over the fire with this set of 3 skewers in a circular steel stand. Build a tower with meat, veggies and fruit, a grill session never looked this good before it got on a plate!



Firebrand Infernorator Fire Poker $445

Known for its innovative bellows feature where you blow through the mouthpiece to stoke the fire, this leather and stainless steel poker is the ultimate tool for any wood burning fire. Marine stainless steel wrapped with Argentinian Saddle Leather. The Infernorator is the original breakthrough fire tool. Nothing like the classic!

Firebrand Infernorator Fire Poker


Kadai Curved Bench $895

Finally, if you get tired from all that grilling and poking around, a bench could come in handy. Get some marshmallows ready and gather around the fire on this curved bench. Feel like splurging? Go for 3 or 4 benches to complete the circle!

Kadai Curved Bench

We hope you've been inspired to light the fire and get creative with your set-up and grilling!


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