DeliVita Pizza Oven: A Fusion of Style and Function

We're excited to announce a new addition to our Pizza Oven collection, the DeliVita Pizza Ovens. These hand-crafted ovens, produced in Yorkshire, offer a unique blend of style and functionality, allowing you to enjoy delicious wood-fired creations with ease. Let's delve into the features and uses of this remarkable pizza oven.

Stylish Design: The DeliVita oven not only impresses with its cooking capabilities but also with its eye-catching design. Wrapped in a vibrant fibreglass outer shell available in a range of colours, (Chilli Red, Emerald Fire & Very Black) this oven adds a touch of modernity and flair to any outdoor space. Whether you prefer a traditional brick or clay appearance or seek something more contemporary, the DeliVita Pizza Ovens offer a stylish alternative.

DeliVita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven - Chilli Red | Deluxe Complete Collection  

DeliVita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven - Chilli Red | Deluxe Complete Collection $5,295

DeliVita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven - Emerald Fire | Wood Fired Chefs Collection $4,195

DeliVita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven - Very Black | Pizzaiolo Collection $3,995

Effortless Assembly and Setup:
Unlike many pizza ovens that require complex assembly, the DeliVita oven arrives fully assembled, saving you time and effort. Once delivered, you only need to perform an initial "firing" process to prepare the oven for cooking. Simply build a fire inside the oven and let the embers burn for approximately five hours. After this initial step, the oven is ready to work its magic.

Accessories: Each colour option comes with a range of premium accessories, to add to your pizza arsenal. The all-in-one kits set you up for success from the start with accessories like a pizza peel, a pizza cutter, a dough scraper and many more. All pizza ovens include a high quality cover to protect them from the elements. 

DeliVita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven - Chilli Red | Deluxe Complete Collection


Superior Wood-Fired Cooking:
The true essence of the DeliVita Pizza Oven lies in its wood-fired cooking capabilities. This oven emulates the performance of a wood-fired restaurant oven, offering an authentic and flavourful cooking experience. By utilising wood as the fuel source, the oven reaches scorching temperatures of 450-500°C in less than 30 minutes, making it ideal for cooking pizzas, flatbreads, charring vegetables, or even acting as a tandoor. The clay construction retains heat efficiently, ensuring consistent and exceptional cooking results.

User-Friendly Features: While wood-fired cooking may seem daunting to newcomers, the DeliVita Pizza Oven provides a user-friendly experience. It includes a convenient "wood loader" with a blow-hole, simplifying the process of getting the flames going. This accessory not only makes it easier to add fuel but also doubles as an ember poker. Additionally, the oven is available as a standalone unit or as part of a bundle, providing you with essential equipment to enhance your cooking experience.

DeliVita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven - Very Black | Pizzaiolo Collection DeliVita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven - Emerald Fire | Wood Fired Chefs Collection

Fuel Efficiency: One of the advantages of wood-fired cooking is its fuel efficiency, and the DeliVita oven is no exception. Once you establish your initial fire, you can control the temperature by adjusting the amount of fuel added. This feature ensures that you utilise wood resources efficiently, making it a more environmentally friendly choice compared to open barbecues or fires.

Capacity: The Delivita Pizza Oven comfortably accommodates one generous 30cm pizza at a time. With its ability to cook pizzas to perfection in less than two minutes, you can enjoy a steady flow of delectable creations, ensuring everyone gets a taste of the wood-fired goodness.

DeliVita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven - Very Black | Pizzaiolo Collection

The Delivita Pizza Oven is a remarkable addition to any barbecue enthusiast's collection. Its fusion of style, functionality, and superior wood-fired cooking capabilities sets it apart from other options in the market. Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with the DeliVita Pizza Oven and enjoy the unbeatable flavours it brings to your table.


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The Outdoor Concepts Team

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