Weber Fireplace

We're excited to introduce the Weber Fireplace. Weber is our trusted brand for all things BBQ so we're pleased to see another high-quality item from their hands. 

This beautifully designed fire pit has a handy lid holder that functions as both a wind block for the flames and a heat deflector to help concentrate the warmth in a particular direction.



Both the bowl and lid are fully porcelain-enamelled, this ensures protection against fire, rust and the elements and the bowl rests on a sturdy rust-resistant base with a heat deflector.

When the evening is over, you simply place the lid over the flames to extinguish the fire. The seal between the lid and bowl will starve the flames of oxygen in a moment. Once cooled off the bowl can be emptied and washed by hand.

As for fuel, any hardwood like Manuka is a great option.

Weber Fireplace

For health and safety reasons, this fire pit shouldn't be placed up on wooden decking.

The Weber® Fireplace is not designed to be cooked on, however cooking marshmallows can't be skipped when gathering around a fireplace. Sure, a gooey marshmallow by itself is delicious but we'd like to challenge you to step up your game and make some out of the box s'mores on your new Weber. 

We'd love to share our 3 favourite s'mores to impress a crowd with. How about a s'moreo? Just replace the graham crackers for any Oreo cookie, this works great with smaller marshmallows. Peanut butter lover? Add a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup between for extra gooeyness and flavour. Lastly, trade your graham crackers for some soft or crunchy chocolate chip cookies and thank us later.


Shop the Fireplace here or check out our full Weber collection.



The Outdoor Concepts Team

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