Vegetarian BBQ: What to Cook?

Whether you're prepping for a meatless Monday, never eat meat but love outdoor cooking, or you just want to cook your side dishes on the BBQ too, read on for some useful tips for a vegetarian BBQ! 

Traeger Veggie BBQ Rub

To kick things off we'll start with the Traeger Veggie Rub, it's a garlic paprika rub loaded with fresh herbs to make sure none of your veggie dishes will ever taste boring! Good to know, the rub is 100% natural, GMO free and gluten free and comes in reusable aluminium tins!

Traeger Veggie Rub





Now, what's the best BBQ to cook your veggie dishes on?

We've found the Weber BBQs are ideal for this. For example the Weber Family Q3200 provides enough space to cook multiple veggies dishes at once while leaving some room for a couple of patties too. Weber conveniently offers special veggie trays as well, ensuring no carrots or asparagus end up in your coals.

weber family Q3200 | WEBER NZ | WEBER BBQ
weber stainless steel vegetable basket

WEBER FAMILY Q (Q3200) BBQ BLACK $1,019.00



So what exactly will you be making for a vegetarian BBQ?

Let's start off simple, we've all had our fair share of BBQ skewers and they're often 80% veggies anyway, so this will be an easy one to make and grill. One of our current favourites are the veggie skewers from the Forked Spoon, but if you're keen for some fruitiness in there, try the halloumi skewers with nectarines from Dish NZ. If you're after a meaty texture, get some portobello mushrooms in the mix. PS: Don't forget to soak your wood skewers!


Veggie Skewers Forked Spoon Halloumi Nectarine Skewers


A great classic and easy to prepare dish is the baked potato. Pierce them with a fork, wrap them in foil and place them on the BBQ for about 45 minutes, turning them every now and then. When cooked to perfection, add some sour cream, cheese and chives and you're good to go! This works great with Agria potatoes as well as Kumura, and you can let your imagination go wild on the toppings!

Another classic is corn on the cob, fairly easy to make and so delicious. A couple of ways to prepare this; in the husk directly on the hot coals or on the grill, you can boil the corn first and put the foiled wrapped corn on the grill or coals, or opt for naked corn on the grill, making it easy to keep an eye on when it's ready. Before you dig in, coat with butter, sprinkle some salt and chilli on there and enjoy your healthy dish. Again, let your imagination go wild on the toppings!

If you're more into burger style food, try black bean burgers or even zucchini fritters will do great on a hot plate too! Grilled eggplant goes well on a bun and marinated cauliflower 'steaks' are always a winner too! Looking for a healthy drink to serve as well? We are currently loving the Ārepa Nootropic Drinks as wine substitute and overall brain booster!

baked potatoes corn on the cob


This is where it gets really exciting. If you haven't decided on what's supposed to go on the top of your Christmas wish list, we've got a very biased suggestion: an Ooni Pizza Oven. Not only can you make delicious veggie pizzas in these ovens, they're also compatible with special cast iron grilling pans, making it easy to whip up tasty veggies dishes and even desserts! Two of our favourite veggie pizzas are listed below and if you're having trouble figuring out what to cook up for the kids during Christmas: try the Margherita Pizza Star

Potato, Blue Cheese & Balsamic Red Onion Pizza | ooni pizza oven Roast Butternut Squash, Ricotta, Chilli & Sage Pizza
Potato, Blue Cheese & Balsamic Red Onion Pizza


To make the most out of your Ooni Pizza Oven (and to impress your friends) don't shy away from cooking with the cast iron pans. The Ooni oven heats up to 500 degrees Celcius in about 10 minutes, making it super easy to quickly whip something up when you have (vegetarian) guests! Here are some of our favourites recipes with the cast iron pans:

Baked Camembert, Honey & Thyme
Baked Camembert, Honey & Thyme
Roast Bell Peppers, Red Onion and Tomatoes with Feta
Maple Roasted Carrots with Rosemary
Maple Roasted Carrots with Rosemary
Portobello Mushroom Burgers with Chimichurri


Hungry yet? We hope you have some inspiration for a mind blowing vegetarian BBQ session or even some vegetarian Christmas dishes. Happy grilling!



The Outdoor Concepts Team


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