Ooni Pizza Oven Accessories

Now you know everything about the Ooni 3 Pizza Oven we thought we'd just line up some of the accessories that make your Uuni pizza experience even better. And if you've already taken the step to the Uuni Pro Pizza Oven you definitely want to check out some of these options too!

First things first, we all know the Uuni pizza oven is easily stored away but lets make sure your Uuni pizza oven keeps his good looks and is protected when stored outside too.

Uuni Pro Oven Cover Uuni 3 Oven Cover
Uuni Pro Oven Cover Outdoor Concepts
Uuni 3 Pizza Oven Cover Outdoor Concepts NZ


For the ultimate Pro experience you can't go without a pizza peel. The Uuni Pro Pizza Peel is light in weight and has a wooden handle. Get ready to feel like a real Italian pizza chef!

Although the Uuni 3 Pizza Oven comes with a pizza peel, if you have a hungry family waiting, we recommend having an extra one, so you can build your pizza on one peel while one is cooking; minimise wait and maximise production!

Uuni Pro Pizza Peel Uuni 3 Pizza Peel
Uuni Pro Pizza Oven Peel | Outdoor Concepts NZ
Uuni 3 Pizza Oven Peel | Outdoor Concepts NZ


In case you're not up for pizza 7 days a week, the Ooni oven is great for preparing other delicious meals too. All you need is a sizzler pan (compatible with the Ooni 3 and the Ooni Pro) or a casserole dish (compatible with the Ooni Pro) and you're ready to cook meat, veggies, seafood or even a stew! Both come with a removable handle and a wooden base.

Uuni Pro Casserole Dish & Pan Uuni Cast Iron Sizzler Pan
Uuni Pro Cast Iron Caserole Dish | Outdoor Concepts NZ
Uuni Pizza Oven Cast Iron Pan | Outdoor Concepts NZ


Ooni Pro comes with the Wood + Charcoal Burner as a standard. As the name suggests, it's for burning regular wood kindling as well as charcoal, but if you're keen to mix it up, there's a Ooni Pro Pellet Burner available too. It slits in the rear of your oven and lets your burn the energy-efficient, affordable and sustainable pellets.

Uuni Pro Multi Fuel Oven Pellet Burner



So what are you waiting for? Check out our full range of Ooni products here, and get cooking!



The Outdoor Concepts Team

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