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Let us be the first to acknowledge that $169 is, objectively, a lot of money to spend on a thermometer, especially given you find hundreds of similar-looking thermometers on Amazon for a fraction of the price. But placing the Thermapen Mk4 in the same category as all of those other digital thermometers is like saying the NZ All Blacks are just another rugby team. 

The Thermapen is shockingly versatile, and will quickly rise to be one of the most-used tools in your kitchen. From helping you overcome your anxiety of roasting whole chickens, checking the temperature of frying oil, or to help you check if your loaves of banana bread or muffins are fully cooked! 

Thermapen NZ

 What makes the Thermapen stand out from other digital kitchen thermometers is its speed and accuracy. According to the manufacturer’s website, this food thermometer can tell the real-time temperature of whatever you’re trying to measure within 0.7 degrees Fahrenheit in under three seconds. That speed makes a noticeable difference when you’re balancing a roasting pan on a hot oven door as you try to take the temperature of whatever’s inside without burning yourself or letting out too much heat. 

The ease-of-use is another key benefit of the Thermapen. There’s no complicated setup, no Bluetooth device to which you need to connect. All you have to do to make the Thermapen work is swing out the thin metal sensor from the plastic body and stick it in whatever you’re trying to get the temperature of.

Thermapen Thermometer NZ

And when it’s so easy, there’s no excuse not to take the temperature of any dish you’re making to ensure that it’s cooked properly — and we really mean any food. The Thermapen can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees. Since the device is waterproof, you can use the Thermapen to make sure water is at the right temperature for your morning pour-over coffee (96 degrees Celsius, if you’re curious) — and because this thermometer is so fast, you can see the temperature changes as the water heats up, so you always know exactly the right moment to take it off the stove.

There are other clever design features that make us appreciate the Thermapen, like how the probe has a full range of motion, so you can adjust it to whatever angle is most comfortable, or that the digital display rotates with the thermometer, so you never have to twist your head to read the temperature. At the very least, it’s a great gift for the home cook who has it all. But if you ask us, the best thing about the Thermapen is how much more confident it’ll make you in the kitchen, to be able to complete any number of tasks without worrying about making anyone sick, or wasting a delicious cut of meat, in a matter of literal seconds!

You can view our full range of Thermapen thermometers online here. Try it for yourself!


The Outdoor Concepts Team.

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