Ooni Halloween Recipes

Get spooky this Halloween with some deliciously scary pizzas and other treats from the Ooni oven. Not sure what to bring to your Halloween gathering? We've lined up some recipes that will steal the show and have your kids eat more than just candy!

Halloween Pizzas With Charcoal Activated Dough

Using activated coconut charcoal achieves a spooky black base, while careful carving creates fun and decorative toppings like sweet potato Jack O' Lanterns, and mozzarella/olive googly eyes!

Charcoal Dough Halloween pizza


Halloween Hot Dog Mummies

The spooky cousin to traditional pigs-in-a-blanket, these are a bit bigger and have a whole lot more personality, but the taste profile is much the same. Buttery dough wrapped around salty meat makes for an addictive treat that can serve as the main dish on the kid’s table (and a snack for the adults).


Halloween Hot Dog Mummies


Halloween Olive Spider Pizza With Vodka Sauce

You may have indulged in a pasta with vodka sauce already, but have you had it on a pizza yet? It serves as the perfect background for the real star of the pizza, the olive spiders. Super easy and fun to make with the kids. Prepare your dough ahead!

halloween Olive “Spider” Pizza with Vodka Sauce


Halloween Pizza Skeleton

Gather around the table and get creative with your dough. Using tracing paper to shape the bones, or do it by hand and use your imagination. Super easy and fun to make and a guaranteed centre piece on the table. 

Halloween Pizza Skeleton


We love a dessert pizza and this one is ticking all the Halloween boxes with a spider web design and some delicious candy. Dazzling swirls of silky chocolate ganache and sticky Marshmallow Fluff are pulled into a spider web design using a toothpick, then topped with crushed chunks of peanut butter cups and Reese’s Pieces for over-the-top decadence. Serve straight away when the chocolate is still warm!


Chocolate and Marshmallow Spiderweb Pizza

The quickest way to get these pizzas on the table is to use an Ooni pizza oven. It only takes 15-20 minutes to heat up and your pizzas are done in 60 seconds. Browse are full Ooni collection here.

The Outdoor Concepts Team

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