New in: O-Med Spanish Olive Oil & Vinegar

We're excited to introduce a new brand, from Andalusia, Spain; Omed. O-med makes olive oil from olives grown in their own olive groves in the heart of Andalusia. 

They are a family business specialising in the production, bottling and commercialisation of extra virgin olive oil. They have a long family tradition of olive growing and both the farm and the mill are located in Granada, in the small village of Ácula. Thanks to the region's climate and harvesting at the optimum moment of maturity of the fruit, they obtain homogeneous productions of unquestionable quality of the Arbequina, Hojiblanca and Picual varieties through an integrated and environmentally friendly agriculture. 

O-Med Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

O-Med Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil $39.95

The majority of olive oils in the supermarket are disappointing in quality. At O-Med, they controle the entire production process from olive harvesting to bottling, because this is the only way to guarantee maximum quality.

Their extra virgin olive oils are made using the most modern technology. They are very early harvest oils, rich in aromas and complex flavours. They have underground drip irrigation fuelled mostly by renewable energy and the cold extraction is done at a temperature not higher than 20º. The extra virgin olive oils are filtered immediately, thus avoiding any contamination by humidity or impurities. All oils are preserved with nitrogen to prevent oxidation and to make it even better, they use recycled packaging too.

O-med Vinegar

We are offering a range of their award winning olive oils and vinegar. Their vinegar is made from a variety of grapes, with different levels of acidity. You can find all the varieties (9!) and their details and pairing recommendations on the O-Med Vinegar product page.

Looking for a gift? We have a beautiful gift box containing their premium Molina Olive Oil, made from the Picual olive and the Arbequina olive. Or view the full O-Med range here.


The Outdoor Concepts Team

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