We're excited to introduce a new addition to our fire pit collection. The Firepit Company designs their fire pits in-house in Australia, all models have been designed not only to be aesthetically appealing but also for durability and ease of maintenance. As with any of our fire pits, there are accessories available to turn your cozy night fire into a cooking opportunity.

Firepit Cupola MC 1100mm

Firepit Cupola MC 1100mm $1,299

The Cupola Cast Iron Fire Pit is a stylish fire pit with an artistic flare showcasing excellent craftsmanship and modern design. This Cupola Cast Iron Fire Pit is 110cm cast iron bowl and features a wall thickness of 3mm to 5mm and a base thickness of 6mm to 10mm. Comes in 90cm width cast iron bowl too ($799.00).

Firepit Cubist 900mm

Firepit Cubist 900mm $699

An avant-garde art movement of the early 1900’s, Cubism depicted objects using a collection of simplified geometric shapes, as seen from differing perspectives. The Cubist fire pit was designed to reflect this period, hence the geometric shape of the stand.

The Cubist stand is created out of mild steel and is 30x6mm.  The Cubist stand for the 900mm fire pit is 7.8kg.

Firepit Plasma Grill Plate 900mm
Firepit SS Semi Grill 1110cm

Firepit Plasma Grill Plate 900mm $369

Firepit SS Semi Grill 1110cm $299



Possibly the best BBQ plate you will have the pleasure of cooking on. Plasma cut grill bars are flat which allows food to be easily moved across the surface. Beautiful external steel band looks great and stops your snag from meeting a fiery end. The unique shape allows access to control heat under your grill.

Firepit Forked Poker 850mm
Firepit Flat Lid 950mm

Firepit Forked Poker 850mm $69

Firepit Flat Lid 950mm $299


The extra long fire pit pokers are great for stoking hot fires!  The custom designed fire pokers are large enough (at 850mm in length) for the largest of fire pits or fireplaces or camping fires. The Firepit Company fire pokers have been designed and manufactured to keep as cool as possible under extremely hot conditions.

The fire pit pokers are quality heavy duty fire pokers weighting one kilogram and suitable for all types of fires, fire pits, fireplaces, BBQs and camping fires. The curved end and two prongs with the angled ‘catchers’ of this fire pit tool makes it perfect for shifting burning logs or smouldering coals and charcoal.

Done with the fire? Use the Firepit Flat lid to keep rain water out of your fire pit as well as keep the fine ash in, especially on windy nights. The lid also protects your fire pit and will prolong the lifespan (comes in 2 sizes).

View the full Firepit Company Collection here.



The Outdoor Concepts Team

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