NEW IN: Spinning BBQ Skewers

These powered rotating skewers are a real game changer. Designed in Brazil by Espetosul, where BBQing is immensely popular. The Churrasco, (Barbecue), was originated many years ago in a region south of Brazil, called the Pampas Gaúchos where still today are located one of the most precious cattle in the world. The idea of skewering the big pieces of meat came from the gauchos: the cowboys of the Pampas. 




Powered by AA batteries, these skewers hold a whopping 5kg and will rotate for 20-50 hours depending on your batteries (4x Alkaline 50h / 4x regular 20h). The motorised handle grip will easily grip on to your grill and the stainless steel claw ensures your meat holds in place on the skewer. 

Once your grill or fire is ready, you can sit back and watch the skewer evenly cook your meat all around. No more burned or raw sides with this essential barbecue accessory. Made from high quality but lightweight material, so it's easy to take on a camping trip to cook a star meal wherever you are. 

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The Outdoor Concepts Team

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