New in: Kywie Champagne & Wine Coolers

All the way from The Netherlands, KYWIE® is the only 100% natural wine cooler designed to keep all beverages, whether it’s red or white wine, champagne or sparkling wine at even temperature.

For the most part the coolers are hand made in the Netherlands from a local breed called Texel sheep. Working with a natural bio-degradable material and keeping the foot print to a bare minimum, is a vital part of the philosophy of KYWIE. It's tested as the best passive cooler in the world and on top of that an eye-catcher on your table. 


Kywie Champagne Coolers
 Kywie Champagne Cooler $195


Keep it Cool with Wool

All KYWIE coolers are brilliantly simple. Made to hold on to the temperature of practically all bottles, wine, water and anything else you can think of. The temperature stays even for several hours, also because the bottle stays in the cooler whilst pouring. The shape allows for easy insertion and removal. KYWIE coolers are an ideal wine-travel-outdoor-accessory. It’s soft and lightweight and protects the bottle from breaking.


 Kywie Wine Coolers
Kywie Wine Sleeve $159


Keep your wine perfectly chilled for 4 hours or more, for at home or on the go. We are stocking their Champagne and Wine model in 6 beautiful colour variants, that make for perfect gifts!

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The Outdoor Concepts Team


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