NEW IN: GF Garden Hoses and Outdoor Showers

Outdoor Concepts announces a new premium brand from Italy, GF Garden. GF Garden designs aesthetically beautiful and easy to use garden tools, from sprinklers, to hoses and even outdoor showers.

We are excited to stock their lightweight portable hose, the Aquapop 30. It's a soft self extendable hose to starts from 10 meters and can extend to 30 meters. Starting at 10 meters, means you don't need as much storage space as with a conventional hose. It's easy to pack away and they've designed just the perfect bag to put it in. This is a hose ideal for living in apartments, and as it's soft and lightweight it's the next best thing for older people that still love to do some gardening but are unable to carry and pull a standard along hose with them. 


GF Garden Soft Expandable Hoses | Outdoor Concepts

Another gem from GF Garden's colourful collection is their solar shower. An outdoor shower you take camping or have permanently set up at your beach house! This clever design uses the energy from the sun to produce hot water the eco friendly way. The heating process contained in the tank-base, needs about 2 hours of sun and will supply many hot showers. The best thing? The temperature is adjustable through a handy mixer, so no need to worry about boiling hot water when the sun has been blasting for a couple of hours. Lastly, the shower hose is extractible and adjustable as well, making sure everyone in the family can have a comfortable shower.


GF Garden Solar Outdoor Shower | outdoor concepts


Feel like your garden could use a pop of colour? Check out the full GF Garden collection!



The Outdoor Concepts Team


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