New In: Cedar Grilling Planks

We're excited to introduce a new brand to our shop, Cedar Works; owned by an NZ couple who discovered cedar plank cooking and weren't quite satisfied with the quality of wood available so they went on a journey to find high-quality cedar wood. 


Cedar Wood Grilled Salmon

What Is Cedar Grilling?

Cedar plank grilling originates from native American tribes of the Pacific Northwest who pioneered the tradition of using wooden cedar planks to grill & smoke their food gathered from hunting expeditions. They would tie fish, game & poultry to cedar planks, place them around an open flame fire to slowly cook using the indirect heat source. By now it's a tradition known worldwide used by chefs & home cooks alike. Cedar adds a truly unique flavour by combining the earthiness of natural wood & smoked flavour created by indirect heat.

We currently have 4 different sizes cedar planks available made from Western Red Cedar from Canada and a Gift Set of 4 that would make a perfect present for under the Christmas tree. The smaller size is suitable for individual portions or different proteins, veggies, cheeses, or desserts & the 45cm plank is large enough for a side of salmon or fillet steak.

Cedar Wood Grilling Planks - Cedarworks
Cedar Grilling Planks From $22.99


How To Use

1. Pre-Soak
Pre-soak plank in water for between 3-4 hours. Keep the plank totally submerged by placing a weight on it. Pre-soaking fully hydrates the dry plank which helps restrict any flaring up or catching fire while cooking. It also ensures a slow smoky release of natural flavour to infuse the food & retain moistness.

2. Set The BBQ Temperature
Pre-heat BBQ/Grill on full heat prior to cooking then turn heat down to low once a good temperature has been reached. Indirect heat is preferable for cooking so turn off the middle burner/s leaving the outer burners going on low heat.

3. Place Plank On The Grill
Arrange your choice of food on the plank, place the plank on the grill & close the lid. Cooking with the lid closed enhances the smoky flavour. Don’t put oil on the plank as this can cause it to catch fire.

4. Watch For Fire
Keep a water bottle on hand to mist spray any possible flare ups near or around the plank while cooking. Covering the plank surface with as much food as possible reduces the chance of flare ups. Planks may sometimes catch fire depending on the heat of the grill. Never leave the BBQ/Grill/Oven unattended while cooking.

5. Cook
Cook until done to your liking. Turning the food over while cooking is not necessary. Cooking times will vary depending on your choice of food item. Keep the lid closed as much as possible to stabilise temperatures and maximise the smoking effect. Lift the lid occasionally to check progress.

6. Pile On The Flavour & Soak
Soaking Cedar planks in water is a must but other liquids will add delicious flavours. White wine will add to the subtle taste of your food. Red wine adds an extra bold flavour. Fruit juices such as apple, berry, ciders, or even sake will certainly give an extra zesty flavour. Citrus juices like orange or lime add refreshing flavours as will lemon juice. Your favourite beer is another great way to enhance the flavour of your food.


Lamb Chops with Mint Gremolata, recipe by Cedarworks.  

Cedar Wood Grilling Plank Lamb Chops


Are you ready to take your grilling skills to the next level? Check out the full CedarWorks collection.



The Outdoor Concepts Team

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