The Best Meat Thermometers in 2020

We all know a couple of hacks to check if your meat is done, but if you prefer to be on team 'precise', a meat thermometer has got to be part of your BBQ accessories. 

Since technology is ever-evolving, it's time to quit the guesswork and the risk of ruining a beautiful piece of meat. With a meat thermometer you can be sure your meat is cooked from the inside, and still holds all the flavour and juices. There are lots of different thermometers out there and some of them even link with your smartphone, giving you the freedom to go about your day until you get a notification that your feast has reached perfection.

We have lined up some of our favourites for you, to get an idea of how they work and which one might be the perfect match for you.

Thermapen® MK4 $169

One of the fastest meat thermometers around: the Thermapen MK4. It turns on when you open it, and provides you with an accurate temperature within 2 to 3 seconds after inserting it in the meat. The display rotates, making it easy to read the temperature of your meat in any position. The thermometer has an auto-sleep mode that saves battery and it wakes right up as soon as you pick it up. If you're having a nightly grilling session, the backlight will automatically turn on so the display is easily readable in any circumstance. The Thermapen silicon glow in the dark cover might come in handy in this case too.


Similar meat thermometers to the Thermapen are:

Weber Snapcheck Meat thermometer | outdoor concepts nz

Weber Snapcheck Premium
Meat Thermometer $169.95

Weber Instant Read
Meat Thermometer $32.95


 Cookperfect Bluetooth Meat Thermometer $169.95

Supporting 2 temperature probes, this Cookperfect meat thermometer leaves no room for error. When using regular thermometers, the temperature is only measured at the tip of the probe, but The CookPerfect thermometer monitors the temperature in different places in the meat and then calculates the core temperature as well as the heat flow into the meat. The durable, stainless steel probe measures -40°C to 300°C. Just stick it on your BBQ and link the device to the Cookperfect App and it notifies you on your smart device once it has reached the perfect degree to serve.


Similar meat thermometers to the Cookperfect are:

igrill mini Weber | Meat thermometer Weber Igrill meat thermometer | Outdoor Concepts
Weber iGrill Mini 
Meat Thermometer $89.95
Weber iGrill 3
Meat Thermometer $199.95


Meater Block $529 

This smart design from Meater lets you connect 4 thermometers. Keeping track of everything when hosting a big cook up has never been easier. All you need is a smartphone, some quality cuts and a wifi home network. 

Not quite ready for the full experience? Meater offers high-quality single thermometers too:

Thermomeater | outdoor concepts nz Meater + Meat thermometer

Meat Thermometer $229

Meater +
Meat Thermometer $279



Ooni Infrared Thermometer $110


Want to know exactly when your pizza stone is ready to cook your pizza to perfection? This Ooni infrared thermometer takes the guesswork out. Also, if you're not a fan of poking in your meat prior to eating it, this digital infrared meat thermometer is perfect for you. It can measure temperatures up to 600 degrees Celcius, making it perfect for both domestic and commercial use. As you might have guessed, this device does not only stick to measuring temperatures for food, but is also suitable for reading other object temperatures such as hot water pipes, electric motors, swimming pools, wine coolers and so on.

Ooni infrared thermometer

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The Outdoor Concepts Team

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