Best Outdoor Lights 2020

Are you still relying on an outdoor fire to keep your garden nicely lit up on summer evenings? Read on because we have some beautiful alternatives lined up! Who said outdoor lights need to be boring? They come in beautiful shapes and will add style to your outdoor area, rather than only lighting it up.


Kicking off with the newest member of the Fatboy family; Bolleke.

Bolleke | Fatboy NZ | Outdoor Light | Garden Light

Bolleke is an outdoor light that is cordless, portable and rechargeable. When illuminated, the iconic round shape resembles a pearl. LED Light is equally distributed throughout the entire lamp, a technology specially designed by Fatboy. This garden light features a loop that makes it easy to hang it anywhere in your garden, think hooks or even from a tree! It turns on with a subtly integrated button, providing 3 different light settings, making sure you can achieve the right atmosphere at any time of night. After a full recharge, Bolleke will provide between 8 and 20 hours of spherical light, depending on your setting.

Secondly; the Neoz COOEE 3C, a metal table lamp that will turn heads.

neoz cooee 3c | outdoor lights | garden lights | restaurant lights

A sleek design featuring an enclosed conical diffuser giving maximum direct downlight without glare. It comes in solid Brass, solid Copper and anodised Aluminium and includes a charging station. With a 22cm height and 10cm length, it's the perfect non intrusive table lamp, that will do a great job indoors too. Charging these outdoor lights will take 6 hours and can provide up to 130! hours on the lowest light setting, making it great low maintenance and eco friendly restaurant lights too! 

The NEOZ COOEE 2C, comes from the same family, and has similar features but a slightly different design. We can't choose!

If you're thinking big, and by big we mean BIG, let us introduce: The Fatboy Edison the Grand.

Fatboy edison the grand | Outdoor Lights | Garden Lights | Outdoor Concepts NZ  

This oversized LED lamp is the picture-perfect statement piece you have been waiting for. Imagine the classic table lamp in an oversized format and you have Edison the Grand. This dimmable floor lamp has a minimalist design and again, works its magic indoors as well. Can't be bothered getting up from your comfortable seat? Easily control the lights with the Fatboy Light Control App.

Feeling like you could do with something smaller as well, then the Edison the Petite might be your match! Take this nightlight camping or just put it on your bedside table, this easily portable outdoor light will light up your life for 6 to 24 hours before it needs to be charged. Feel like adding some colour to your outdoor area? Slip on one of the Fatboy Cooper Cappies

Curious for more options, browse our Outdoor Lights collection.


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