12 Essential Traeger BBQ Accessories

We all know Traeger does barbeques and more, but which bbq accessories are the best to add on to your outdoor cooking setting? We've lined up all the tools to upgrade your BBQ experience and make you feel like a real pro! 

Note: these items make for a great gift idea for the BBQ enthusiast in your circle.

Tools // A successful grilling sessions has a couple of crucial factors, one of them is keeping your tools close and organized for quick flipping and saucing. The Traeger BBQ multi tool has all your essential tools in 1 and we happily call it our new grilling side kick. All there's left is a good pair of tongs, the Traeger BBQ Tongs lets you grip anything off your grill with its serrated tip and the stainless steel material will last a lifetime. 

trager bbq multi tool Traeger BBQ Tongs
Traeger BBQ Multi Tool $99.99 Traeger BBQ Tongs $59.99


Cookware // Even though you may never get bored of grilling the usual way, it's pretty exciting Traeger is offering some more ways to prepare food on your bbq. One of our favourites is the cast iron skillet that will help you make a perfect seared rib-eye but is great for sauteed veggies or even a dessert too! The other one high up our list is the Traeger Chicken Throne, this chicken stand makes the best 'beer can chicken' without the possible toxins from a beer can!

Traeger Cast Iron Skillet Traeger Chicken Throne | Chicken Stand
Traeger Cast Iron Skillet $89.99 Traeger Chicken Throne $69.99


Rubs & Sauces // Wether you use it before or after grilling, Traeger has some of the finest rubs and sauces that every meat lover should try out. Their new lineup of rubs and sauces were revamped and perfectly crafted to elevate your BBQ. They've hand-picked ingredients that will naturally complement any wood-fired protein. We're getting hungry!

Treager Prime rib rub | BBQ Rub | Outdoor concepts NZ
Treager Smoked Simple Syrup | outdoor concepts | bbq sauces
Traeger Prime Rib Rub $19.99 Traeger Smoked Simple Syrup $35.99
Traeger Bloody Mary Cocktail Salt | Outdoor concepts nz  
Traeger Bloody Mary Cocktail Salt $19.99 Traeger Texas Spicy BBQ Sauce $19.99


While you're at it, why not glaze your meat with this Traeger Sauce Mop. It's made from 100% cotton with a wooden handle, and honestly we'd choose this over an ordinary basting brush any day.

Traeger Sauce Mop 


Cover Up // Let's be honest, if you are grilling like a pro with all the right tools, you might as well look like one too. This Traeger Apron is made from leather and canvas and has pockets to keep your bbq tools close. It features adjustable waist and neck straps so you can wear it comfortably until the job is done.

Traeger Apron Black Canvas and Leather Traeger Apron Brown Canvas and Leather
Traeger Apron Black Canvas and Leather $199.99
Traeger Apron Brown Canvas and Leather $199.99


Last but not least, your BBQ needs some protection on those Meatless Mondays. Cover it up with this BBQ cover, made of all-weather material. This full-length cover will shield your Timberline from rain, wind, snow, and sun exposure year-round. This is one suitable for the Timberline 850, but we stock covers for all Traeger BBQs. 

Traeger BBQ Cover | Timberline 850 Cover | outdoor concepts NZ 


Are you ready for grilling season? We are!



The Outdoor Concepts Team

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