Smokelis Gather - Stainless | Fire Pit NZ | Smokelis NZ | firepit | Outdoor Concepts
Smokelis Gather - Stainless | Fire Pit NZ | Smokelis NZ | firepit | Outdoor Concepts
Smokelis Gather - Stainless | Fire Pit NZ | Smokelis NZ | firepit | Outdoor Concepts
Smokelis Gather - Stainless | Fire Pit NZ | Smokelis NZ | firepit | Outdoor Concepts
Smokelis Gather - Stainless | Fire Pit NZ | Smokelis NZ | firepit | Outdoor Concepts

Smokelis Gather - Stainless

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“How you can entertain a crowd and enjoy beautiful authentic wood burning fire that keeps everyone warm and talking without the annoyance of smoke!”

You’ve invited guests around and there's going to be 15-20 of you outdoors and enjoying each other's company, eating great food, and having a few drinks. You’ve started the fire before they arrive. As the evening gets started you have a cranking, mesmerising flame flying out the top of your smokeless fire pit, creating conversation and bringing people together…no stalemate at the beginning of the evening possible! As the evening goes on, you gather closer, everyone sitting in a circle and being able to share the conversation over the beautiful crackle of real wood fire. All your guests, and you are enjoying the heat and social vibe the fire gives off, and no one leaves disappointed because they got the ‘bad seat’ or have to go home smelling of smoke
and needing to wash their hair a second time, making for the best evening outdoors you’ve ever had!

Do you want to enjoy that?

Does that sound like your perfect evening?

If so - then the Smokelis Gather is your perfect entertaining smokeless fire pit.

  • Highly effective smokeless secondary-combustion registered design - produces little to no smoke after initial light up stage, meaning you and your family can enjoy long warm, intimate evenings around the fire without the pain of smoke in your eyes, smelly hair and clothing or someone getting the 'bad seat'! Just all good fun!
    • This also makes for a much more efficient fire, meaning you won’t be running out of firewood unknowingly or having to stoke it up every five minutes like traditional wasteful open fires and fire pits. You’ll enjoy long, hot, burns with much less firewood than you thought!
    • This helps keep the air clean, the neighbours happy and you especially
      comfortable. This means you’ll enjoy fire while massively reducing the health concerns from smoke, keeping neighbours happy and being environmentally responsible by default!

  • Optional Smash Plate & Swing Over Grill available! You can become the live flame grilling expert you always dreamt of - or maybe always were! Grilling a delicious steak over live fire has never been so enjoyable and easy with the adjustable height grill, the thick, hot searing plate, and smokeless, super-high heat flames from a Smokelis fire pit. And with the Smokelis Gather, you’ll be able to cook for a crowd!

  • Optional lid so you can keep the rain out! This means you won’t deal with ash soup the next time you come to clean out your fire or have ash running on your patio having to be hosed down. Too easy.

  • Size: 604mm high and 716mm round. This makes it perfect for the entertainer, or larger outdoor living space when you want to Gather 15 or more people around fire for great food and good times!. Gathering stories and opening people up to talk and share experiences. This pumps out a huge amount of heat for a crowd or if the evening happens to be toned down a bit or just you and your spouse, you can also run it a bit lower for an incredible, warm or just ambient evening under the stars!

  • Integrated stand with revolutionary heat delete to protect surfaces from heat damage. This means you can safely put this down on ANY surface (timber will need Ember-Shield for additional protection) without the risk of damaging it with heat and you’ll have safe, enjoyable moments by the fire

  • Comes with easily removable ash pan and fire grate to keep fire aerated and burning hot and makes clean-up a breeze. This means you’ll never have to scoop ash out of the bottom of your fire pit, ending up with soot up to your elbows! Easily take the ash pan out and dump in a garden when fully cooled off.

  • Constructed from 100% heavy gauge 304 Stainless Steel. 100% made in New Zealand. Makes for an awesome, luxurious and enduring finish. Extremely durable and weather resistant which means you’ll have a beautiful smokeless fire pit that lasts for years with the clean brushed stainless modern aesthetic.

  • Supplied with stainless brushed finish. Fits perfectly into your designer outdoor space right off the truck and naturally darkens with each burn for an awesome looking light bronze effect.