After 10 amazing years with my Weber Genesis gas grill, Chad from Kick Ash bought a Grill Dome Komodo Style charcoal grill in 2009. He was an instant convert to charcoal: He immediately fell in love with cooking over the hot and flavourful coals, and used his grill several times a week. However, he learned some lessons the hard way. If you have too much smoke rolling for your first pizza, your family will not fall in love with your cooking! Plus, several times within the first couple months, he had a hard time getting a fire started. After trying different levels of charcoal in the cooker, he talked to my buddy at the local BBQ shop. He told him that he needed to make sure he cleared out all of the ash so the leftover charcoal could breathe.
With that advice, he wondered why he couldn't put some kind of perforated bucket or basket in the bottom of the grill to hold the charcoal. That way he could just lift the whole batch of cold charcoal and shake the ash out. This would help the remaining charcoal breathe and make starting the fire a lot quicker and easier. He searched the Internet for a charcoal basket to purchase, but found none. So he decided to build his own.
And that is how Kick Ash was born!