Choosing the right BBQ - Outdoor Concepts Premium BBQ and Accessories Auckland New ZealandAt Outdoor Concepts we have BBQ's to suit almost anyone and only stock trusted brands guaranteeing you years of trouble-free use. Weber, DCS by Fisher & Paykel, BeefEater, Electrolux, Big Green Egg, GrandFire BBQ's & More..

 If you're in the market for a new BBQ nothing beats visiting our showroom to see and play with the best there is, but in the meantime here are a few pointers to help you narrow down on the best barbeque for you.

In recent times gas grills have been the barbeque of choice, primarily due to the minimal effort required to get started. If you have natural gas then a gas grill that connects to this can be very convenient. However charcoal doesn't have to be a time-consuming task. With the latest ceramic grills by brands such as Big Green Egg you can be up to temperature and ready to cook in relatively little time. With these new grills you also have great control over temperature and can achieve higher temps than almost any gas grill. There is also no denying the superior taste achieved cooking with charcoal, and for those who like to entertain a charcoal grill can be a bit more fun.

Ultimately it comes down to what you want from a barbeque. If it's for everyday use to get the job done then a gas grill will probably suit you best, however if you’re only grilling every second weekend and you like to entertain then consider the advantages of a charcoal option.

A freestanding barbeque is a common choice, offering greater flexibility. Most of these grills have castors and can easily be moved around, and if you move place they can move with you.

If building your new home or creating a new outdoor space then definitely consider a built-in option. A DCS grill by Fisher & Paykel seamlessly sunk into a custom timber or stone bench can give an aesthetically pleasing result.

If you are after a barbecue you can take to the beach for a picnic, or the batch for a weekend then a smaller portable grill such as a Weber Q is the go.

Big isn't always best. If you’re only cooking for the family then a typical three to four burner barbeque will be more than adequate. A Weber Family Q barbecue is a very popular choice for the modern family. If you entertain a lot, cooking for ten or more people then you will want to consider the larger cooking area that a bigger grill can offer. The Weber Genesis, GrandFire 32" or BeefEater Signature Series are all barbecues to consider if this sounds like you.

Whatever your needs Outdoor Concepts has a barbeque to suit you. For those close to the sea or who simply want the best, we carry a range of grills constructed from US grade 304 and marine grade 316 stainless. Most grills have built-in options, options for side shelves, side burners, rotisseries and more. We only carry the best, with manufacturers offering extensive warranties and a full range of replacement parts.